About Us

At Endeavour Public Affairs, we are campaigning and public affairs specialists. We provide tailored public affairs, campaign and communications advice and support to organisations of all sizes, communicating at all levels of government from your local authority to the European Parliament and Commission.

We adhere to the highest possible ethical standards in the provision of all our services. Endeavour Public Affairs is registered with the European Union Transparency Register and is bound by its code of conduct.

To find out more about the services offered by Endeavour Public Affairs contact us on info@endeavourpublicaffairs.co.uk.

Richard Hyslop – Director and founder of Endeavour Public Affairs Ltd.
Richard is a politics and history graduate with over 10 years professional experience, including in-depth knowledge of local government, Whitehall, Westminster, Brussels and the devolved institutions. Richard is skilled in the implementation and development of campaigns, researching/producing policy briefings, dealing with the press, building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, and organising events and meetings at party conferences.

Over the last 10 years Richard has worked within the Civil Service, advised members of the European and Scottish Parliaments, worked for a number of leading trade and business organisations, and has devised and led successful campaigns on a wide range of issues for politicians, individual businesses and trade associations. Richard has represented organisations in the media and has written a number of reports that have not only received significant press coverage, but have also led to changes in government policy at UK and EU level.

Contact Richard on richard@endeavourpublicaffairs.co.uk.

Liam Purbrick – Defence and Security Specialist

Liam is a defence and security expert. Prior to joining EPA he spent nine years in the army as an infantry officer, developing his knowledge of defence and international affairs while taking part in operations in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. After spending his last military posting at the Permanent Joint Headquarters he worked in Whitehall as a civilian focusing on foreign affairs.

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